Agrifood and Brewing

VERDON has worked in the agrifood sector for over twenty years, giving us solid experience of the equipment used and processes in the following areas: dairy products, drinks, non-solid foods, glucose, insulins…

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Dairy industry

We research the best solutions for the reception of raw materials, powdering, mixing, preparation of ferments, creaming, pasteurisation, sterilisation, homogenisation, dosage of flavours and fruits (yogurts).

Our projects cover the design, construction, automation of facilities and on-site maintenance.

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VERDON has constructed a number of facilities in such different areas as fruit juices, mineral or source water, sparkling drinks, wine, syrups and flavourings.

Our installations integrate automatic process management from the reception of the raw materials to the packaging of the finished products.

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In the field of foodstuffs, we provide a full range of solutions to industrialists for the preparation, storage, dosage, mixing, de-freezing and cooking of different incoming components in solid and liquid food products.

VERDON has also carried out studies and projects in the sugar refinery sector on the production phases of beet juice, purification, evaporation and crystallisation.

VERDON has also worked on the creation of atomization installations for sugar refineries.

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CIP (Cleaning in place)

VERDON has also acquired expertise in specific solutions for certain sectors. For example, VERDON has been the lead contractor for the design and construction (including automation and electricity) of cleaning station for the disinfection and rapid rinsing of industrial food units (drinks, potato chips, vegetables…).

These installations are used for the cleaning a wide range of components, tanks, piping, mixers, pasteurisers, exchangers, tanker trucks…

They are made at the request of our customers, both in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe and North Africa. Our specialist maintenance teams can intervene quickly in the event of problems in plants.

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VERDON has also worked in the brewing sector for over twenty years, where it has designed and built filtering and brewing tanks for large-scale breweries and micro–breweries.

These facilities have been built in Belgium and abroad, where VERDON has applied its BELGIAN know-how.

VERDON can build a complete brewery, thanks to its engineering processes that fully master the manufacturing cycle.

Our experience covers:

  • Milling (fine dry / fine wet)
  • Brewing room
    • Pre-mashing
    • Brewing with heating system
    • Filtering of the mash
    • Boiling of the wort
    • Removal of turbidity
  • Fermentation
    • Pitching of the wort (system of propagation and pre-oxygenation of yeast
    • Fermentation cask
  • Filtering and storage (MS filter, TBF,…)