Three experienced entrepreneurs decided to undertake an industrial adventure by creating VERDON.

The name given to the company is a combination of the names of its founders.

At the time, VERDON worked in the boilermaking and welding business, basically in pharmaceutical and brewing companies. It decided to stand out from the competition by working with stainless and carbon steel.

Twenty years after the company was set up, VERDON gained a reputation among its customers as an expert in the maintenance of industrial facilities.

Its knowledge of the local industrial fabric means it can carry out small-scale projects as a lead contractor. VERDON decided to go for the export market.



A generation had passed. VERDON was bought by two industrialists who were convinced of the company’s potential.

Their ambition was clear: to become a reference point in the area of services to industry. VERDON set up a design office and strengthened its presence in the fields of mechanics, electricity and instrumentation.

VERDON became well-known internationally and set up its first subsidiary company in Algeria. To date, it has carried out projects as a lead contractor in the water sector, and plays an active role in the creation of several pumping stations.

VERDON strengthened its presence in the fields of instrumentation and automation.



The VERDON Group carried out its first complete factory revamping. The design office produced a 3D model of the chemical factory in question.

VERDON carried out all the modifications on site and coordinated a number of subcontractors and other intervening parties. More than 400 persons were managed by the group at peak periods.

Convinced by the group’s capability in project management and its multidisciplinary know-how, one of the five biggest companies in the world asked VERDON to build the biggest Datacenter in Europe.

The challenge was successfully met. Five year later, the group built another two Datacenters for the same client.

2007 also saw the rise of the HVAC department.  Climatic, energy and electrical engineering, industrial ventilation and air treatment became regular activities for VERDON.



The VERDON Group acquired STIN to strengthen its presence in the French market.

This purchase was due, among other things, to clients’ calls for assistance with their projects in France.

VERDON took over the Cordier, a well-known company in the nuclear turbines sector.

Thanks to VERDON’s reputation and its knowledge of the nuclear power field, the initiative was a success.

VERDON carries out shutdowns in which it performs the maintenance of turbines and critical equipment, plus a number of welding and mechanical services.



2014 was the year of the company’s great expansion in France. In quick succession, and with the support of its customers, VERDON acquired CICR and CDNI.

These companies provide services throughout France, particularly in the Paris area. More than 110 jobs were saved, together with know-how of over 50 years.