To carry out its boilermaking projects, VERDON has carefully separated carbon-based, stainless steel and high purity activities. In total, around 15,000 m² distributed among our subsidiaries are used for boilermaking projects.

Within our carbon division, we make pressurised equipment, metal structures, staircases, guardrails…

For example, we can produce the following (by sector):

  • Chemicals – petrochemicals: ammonium or methanol reactors
  • Oil & Gas: separators, HP columns, slug catchers, reactors, distillation and fractionating columns…
  • Gas storage: LNG et LPG storage tanks
  • Finished products: refilling of anti-corrosion systems, chamfering, cutting and oxycutting…
  • Water: surge tanks


As a specialist in the manufacture of stainless steel materials, we design and produce all kinds of high-technology storage vessels and stirring systems for mixtures, dispersions and emulsions. We can produce your manufacturing or storage vessels (with a single or double envelope):  pressure-resistant, complete vacuum, steam sterilisable, with or without heat exchange.

We can also provide the finish that you require: sanded and passivated, ground, polished or electro-polished.

For example, we can carry out the following:

  • Settling or sterilisation tanks
  • Filters (pressure, vacuum) or equipped with activated charcoal
  • Neutralisation tanks
  • Separators
  • Vessels for preparation, mixing, fermenting, sterilisation, crystallisation…
  • Crystallisers
  • Settlers
  • Transportable gas tanks