Electricity & Automation & Instrumentation

From the moment when it incorporates instrumentation or automation, any electrical installation will have a direct effect on the infrastructure and the production environment, either in industry or in the services sector.

VERDON carries out the full range: design, project construction, adaptations/improvements in electrical installations, instrumentation (E&I) and automation.

For example:

  • Industrial electricity
  • Instrumentation
    • Assembly of air instruments
    • Assembly and connections
    • Analysis, calibration, benchmarking
    • Integration of systems
  • Data and communication networks
  • Automation
  • Preparatory work in electricity and instrumentation
  • Electric tracing
  • Fire detection, intrusion alarms and access control
  • Assembly of voltage boards
  • Distribution at low and medium voltage (< 36kV)
  • Cabling
  • Engineering
  • Industrial lighting
  • Generator sets
  • Technical analysis and maintenance service

control panel

Electricité-Automatisation-Instrumentation - verdon - 2

verdon - Electricité-Automatisation-Instrumentation -2


All our project realisations observe European standards, Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP) and the specific requirements of our customers.