Factory maintenance or shutdowns

VERDON is your specialist in the maintenance of installations. Our expertise covers the entire value chain, with maintenance oriented towards efficiency and cost reduction. We aim to:

Improve a factory’s performance and increase long-term profits

Provide solutions for production objectives, increasing the service time of machines

Comply with regulations by control bodies and insurance companies

Avoid breakages and their underlying consequencess.

Repair damaged or broken installations.

To achieve this, our services are provided in three areas:

Preventive and remedial maintenance: day-to-day maintenance; creation of a preventive maintenance plan; repair of machines, equipment and damaged or broken pipework networks….

Shutdowns : Preparation, planning and performance of factory shutdowns; mobilisation of skilled personnel for short periods; observance of factory start-up dates; management of subcontractors and concurrent activities…

Proactive and predictive maintenance: Thanks to our analytical tools in the fields of vibration, oil, ultrasounds and infrared thermography, we are able to diagnose the status of your installations and determine the causes of malfunctions.

These analytical tools allow us to implement specific and proven methods for optimisation (availability of equipment, machine performance and quality of produced materials), prevention of breakdowns and their underlying causes, and better information about your production tools…