HVAC / Climatisation

Verdon is recognised by its customers as an expert in the field of special techniques. Our expertise extends from the design phase to the maintenance or modification of facilities.

We provide the following services to the industrial and services sectors:

  • Climatic engineering (heat, cold, refrigeration and cryogenics)
  • Electrical engineering (high/low voltage, pneumatics and hydraulics, new installations or bringing them into conformity)
  • Fluids (water, gas, drainage of radioactive or polluted fluids…)
  • Air treatment (white room, humidification, filtering and smoke extraction, complex air conditioning systems (e.g. Datacenter))
  • Ventilation (plenum chamber, individual or collective air extraction)
  • Hot water, steam and ice (buffer capacity, sound levels, variable flow, expansion coefficients…)
  • Sanitation and plumbing (production and distribution of water, recovery of rainwater, fire protection, distribution of medical gases, boiler installation, installation of toilets + accessories)