Industrial pipework

The teams, level of skills and flexibility of VERDON’s constantly trained personnel allows the company to pre-fabricate pipework in the following fields all over the world:

  • Thermal power stations (HP water, HP/HT steam – VS, VR, VAR,…)
  • Chemical-petrochemical (double envelope pipework)
  • Refining
  • Steelmaking (large-diameter and large-thickness pipework)
  • Nuclear (contract welding, welding robot)
  • Pharmaceutical (utilitarian and internal pipework)
  • Agrifood (brewing, malting, sugar refining)
  • Cosmetics and semi-conductors….


VERDON has also acquired considerable experience in defining welding procedures and performing welding operations in all kinds of steels: carbon steel, stainless steel, CrMo steel, alloyed steels, aluminium, titanium, Hastelloy, Incoloy…

Starting from the initial design and 3D modelling, we create sub-assemblies on skids in our workshops. We then wire them up and test them before installation on site (water potabilization skid, gas compression skid, gas safety valve skid…)

The construction dossiers, which observe high-level quality and traceability standards, are disseminated after the work has been carried out.

In this respect, VERDON has a large number of tig-mig-arc and semi-automatic welding stations, welding booms, and portable and fixed orbital welding machines (open and closed heads).

Our personnel are certified according to European welding standards and are regularly inspected by an independent body.

Over the years VERDON has developed a range of skills regardless of the quality and type of material used: stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic, fibreglass…