Oil & Gas

VERDON carries out Upstream/Onshore projects.

Our engineers and technicians take on projects in EP or EPC (Engineering, procurement with or without construction) for international customers.

VERDON carries out the end-to-end management of these processes.

The areas covered are studies, purchasing, and supply, plus the assembly of complex installations.

  • Assembly of complete skids for Oil & Gas. Sand traps, manifolds, compression, retaining filters, scraper stations, etc. in carbon steel, alloyed steel, duplex, stainless…
  • Constructing of pressure equipment and receptacles. Separators, filters, slug catchers, tanks, gross storage receptacles…) in carbon steel, alloyed steel, duplex, stainless…
  • Skids for fire-fighting equipment
  • Process piping
  • Electricity and instrumentation (E&I) and automation

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