Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics


VERDON has specialised in the turnkey design of installations for cosmetics processes such as: creams, hair conditioners, lotions, mascaras, foundation, lipstick, make-up, eye shadow and perfumes.

VERDON also has long-standing experience in the construction of production units in all areas of human and animal healthcare (drinkable syrups, dry forms, vaccines, insulin, therapeutic proteins, blood products, injectable forms…).

In this area, VERDON has developed a special structured project management methodology for the pharmaceutical sector that complies with the strictest regulatory requirements.
cGMP, EU GMP, GAMP in all areas (choice of equipment, automation, pipework, boilermaking,…).

Our expertise and our customers’ confidence in us is seen in the many maintenance contracts and factory shutdown projects we have undertaken.

For example, our services cover:

  • Purified or ultra-purified water
  • Clean steam and sterilisation
  • Decontamination and the treatment of contaminated effluents
  • HVAC and special techniques
  • Own and used utilities
  • Micro-filtration system
  • A range of autonomous skids for the manufacture of cosmetics.
  • Skids for the production of iced water
  • “Pharmaloop” water loop




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